GiveFit WIN Program


It is an undeniable truth that health and fitness are paramount to overall life satisfaction. Daily exercise has been proven to increase happiness, aid in weight loss and muscle growth, increase energy levels, reduce risk of disease, improve brain health and memory, improve quality of sleep, and even improve the health of your skin! Despite this, most Americans do not get the recommended amount of daily exercise. This is often due to the long 9-5 workday, combined with a lack of availability of exercise classes and lack of knowledge on how to do it on their own.


Enter GiveFit.


The GiveFit WIN Program is a corporate fitness program that provides employers and employees access to free fitness classes all around Baltimore. Employees can plan to attend free fitness classes before or after work without belonging to a gym. Often times, employees attend classes with their coworkers, which acts as an excellent team building activity, improves overall workplace health, and enhances job satisfaction!


GiveFit WIN is a way for employers to: