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Leadership is defined by heart, hustle, and empathy. MFC Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. We don't have a fitness requirement, what we have is a dedication requirement: Leaders dedicate one free workout per week. These hours add up to propel MFC's mission forward: Free Fitness for Everyone. 

Time Commitment

Leaders are required to hold or attend at least one free workout per week.  Workouts occur on a regular basis, the same time and place. We put them on the website and Challengers attend.  The context of the workout is up to you to decide. This is how Leaders bring creativity to their role and and each leader's unique skill sets, workout interests, and community involvement make for a diverse series of classes and locations.

Attendance Commitment

For every workout we advertise, a leader has to attend.  Coordinating with a co-leader will be important to fill in if you have to make an adjustment to your regularly scheduled workout. 

Check In's

Leaders are the face of MFC and are responsible for checking in Challengers. Some Challengers may not have smart phones and may need your assistance in order to donate or check in. When Leaders attend partner's free fitness classes--where they may not be the fitness instructor--it's the Leader's responsibility to maintain a healthy relationship with the instructor

HOW To Apply

Fill out the following information. We put a heavy emphasis on humor and humility when evaluating applications. Weekly dedication is a prerequisite. 


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In order to be a Leader, you have to be accountable for your teammates.