Our Mission is to make health and fitness activities more accessible to more people.

Let's Build a Stronger Community Together

GiveFit is making being healthy more achievable with accessible group fitness classes. We are bringing people together to support one another and create new, healthy opportunities in neighborhoods throughout Baltimore.

Our Team


Jake Tunney, Founder

Physical health and fitness is an inalienable human right, just like the right to breathe.  And as such, fitness should be accessible to everyone. After his football career ended, Jake found his workout routine lacking and his fitness slacking. His gut became more and more apparent and he knew he needed a new team to be a part of.  He tried searching for group classes in Baltimore, and to his surprise, there were a lot! But he had to search on Google, Meetup, and random websites to find any, and coordinating his schedule against that made him frustrated. GiveFit is the beginning of the solution to making fitness more available, and easy to access.



Mae Tunney, Marketing Lead

After a semester abroad indulging in ungodly sweets in Florence, Copenhagen and the like in Europe, it started to take a toll on Mae's health and wellbeing from the inside out. Mae began to research and develop a lifestyle around how taking care of her body and mind in order to best serve herself and others around her. This passion led to Mae marketing at an integrative wellness company (#blameitonthegluten), attending kundalini yoga on the regular and spending embarrassing amounts of time and pleasure in wellness food stores. She is excited to share her health hacks and passion with others to live a life made up of happy and health conscious living on a shoe string.